Dr. Randy N. Karu

Randy Karu, MD, brings over 30 years of experience to his Pomona, California, practice, which focuses on family practice and cosmetic medicine.

Dr. Karu trained in general surgery in England, where he obtained the prestigious fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. He then came to the United States and trained in family practice in Stanford, Connecticut, where he obtained Board Certification in Family Practice. He has been practicing in Pomona, California, since 1986, during which time he served as president of the medical staff of Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center and has served on the board of directors of many community organizations.

In addition to accepting new patients in family practice, Dr. Karu is passionate about improving the self-confidence of patients through cosmetic treatments that can improve skin, sculpt the body and reverse aging. He offers non-invasive aesthetic procedures from Sculpsure, Icon and Pelleve to Emsculpt Neo, Exilis and Emface. As a man, he is sensitive to the issues that men experience with age, including incontinence and sexual difficulties. He is also empathetic to the problems that men experience with incontinence after prostatectomy, as he has treated many prostate cancer patients in his practice. He is therefore proud to offer the non-invasive treatment, Emsella that helps with male incontinence and male sexual health. He would love to work with you personally at KBY aesthetics to help you look and feel better, to become your “best self”.

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Dr. Eshani Karu MD

Dr. Eshani Karu is a female family practice physician. She graduated from Creighton School of Medicine in Nebraska and did residency in Arizona. Her passion is the overall well being of her patients. She attended Creighton, a Jesuit medical school, because the Jesuit faith emphasizes “whole person care” , – mental , physical and spiritual health. Although she has been in practice for only four years , she has never had any adverse patient outcomes. As a family practitioner, she has successfully treated many male patients with mental health issues, and has been distressed to find that there has been variable success in finding a treatment for males for the sexual side effects of antidepressant and anti-anxiety medication. She is proud to offer Emsella, a noninvasive treatment that can improve men’s sexual wellness. Furthermore, as a woman herself, she is very sensitive to women’s issues, especially the weight gain and wrinkles that can increase with age. She is sensitive to women’s sexual difficulties, including difficulty with orgasm, and is committed to helping women with those issues as well. She is also empathetic about the changes that women go through after childbirth, and the difficulties they encounter with incontinence, diastasis recti, stretch marks, and weight or fat gain. She is committed to helping women to find ways to overcome those issues, through non-invasive technologies offered through Emsculpt, Emsella, and Emface. She would love to work with you personally at KBY Aesthetics and guide you through your wellness journey.