The ICON laser is an safe and noninvasive way to help address multiple aesthetic concerns: to remove hair, to get rid of leg veins, to rejuvenate skin, to get rid of sun damage to the skin and to decrease wrinkles, decrease stretch marks and scars. It is FDA approves, so it has been medically proven to be safe. The Icon machine is a fractional, nonablative laser that works in various different ways to produce its multiple benefits . The Icon laser helps to improve skin revitalization as the pulses of light hit the pigment and vessels in your skin, the light delivered causes that pigment and vessels to slowly disappear through the body’s natural healing processes. The Icon laser helps to decrease wrinkles and scars by delivering energy deep into the skin’s dermis, causing an inflammatory response that stimulates the production of new collagen. .The Icon laser helps to remove scars and stretch marks by delivering pulses of light to the skin that break down scar tissue or stretch marks and stimulate new healthy tissue to form in its place. The Icon Laser helps to remove hair by sending gentle pulses of energy into the skin to heat hair follicles and destroy them. The Icon laser helps with vein removal because when the energy passes through the skin into the vein, the blood on the vein absorbs the energy , destroying the vein.

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